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About the Roles

Sales Development Rep (SDR)

The Sales Development Rep, commonly referred to as “SDR” is another word for setter. The SDR is responsible for generating new business opportunities through cold prospecting and nurturing existing leads with the end goal of passing leads to the closing team.

  • Engage new prospects for the purpose of driving company revenue.
  • Build lead lists, launch marketing campaigns & nurture conversations.
  • Engage inbound leads with the purpose of generating a sales call.
  • Conduct discovery calls when required
  • Become familiar with the demo booking procedure & process.
  • Organize and maintain a list of Prospect relationships, and keep a digital log of where these Prospects are in the buying journey in the Company’s CRM, specifically in their respective pipeline.
  • Record personal sales performance, sales activity, Prospect information, and the outcome of all Discovery Calls in the Company CRM or provided activity tracker.
  • Attend the initial 5 minutes of a demo call if booked on the calendar of an AE, if necessary.
  • Follow the proven sales process of the Company, and regularly self-educate on Company policies, procedures, and sales tactics.
  • Engage in the Company’s message channels (i.e. tools like Slack and Discord), and contribute to the high-energy Company culture.
  • Be a team player that views the other sales team members, not as competition, but as support, offering support to them as well when needed.
  • Actively improve sales skill-set and knowledge in the interest of closing more Deals, more regularly, and making the most efficient use of the resources available


Sales Development Rep (SDR)

  • 6 sets closed per month
  • Assuming a 25% close rate = 24 qualified sets per month
  • Assuming a 60% qualification rate = 40 discovery calls booked
  • Assuming a 2% booking rate = 2,000 new cold touchpoints per month
  • Assuming 20 work days in a month = ~100 new cold touchpoints per day
  • 30-minute response time to prospect emails within working hours
  • Maintain a minimum of 60% show-up rate
  • Respond to prospects in a positive & professional manner
  • Complete 3 mock discovery calls (recorded) with a colleague per month
  • Ensure the tracking sheet is filled out daily
  • Manage & update CRM daily according to company standards
  • Ensure 4 hours of open calendar time for discovery calls per week at a minimum

Who this is NOT for…

  • You think you know it all 
  • You are looking for a “get rich quick” opportunity
  • You are not teachable
  • You are not a team player 
  • You have a big ego 
  • You have no interest in continuing to improve your skills 
  • You aren’t willing to do some boring end-of-day admin reports. 

Culture & Values

Our culture is one of competition, collaboration, excellence & growth. We hold each other accountable with open, honest conversations. We expect everyone to be their best and push their comfort limits. In uncomfortable situations comes growth.

We value the people we work with and only surround ourselves with the best of the best.

Here are a few of our core values:

Elevate Others

Do Your Best Work Always

Be Humble

Hold Yourself Accountable

Take Responsibility

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