Laser Art Customs Case Study

At RevX Digital, we have a passion for assisting businesses, both big and small, in creating a powerful online presence and increasing revenue through ROI-driven digital marketing strategies. Laser Art Customs, a metal fabrication company, has relied on our services and team since the very beginning. We are delighted to share a bit of their story and progress through the following case study.


The Business & Audience

Understanding that every business is unique is key. Laser Art Customs is a Metal Fabricators of outdoor and indoors decor in a competitive local market. Its audience includes homeowners and business owners in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Challenge

Very niche audience, new in the business and local competitors on top of the latest innovations.


The Goal

Strengthen the business online presence, improve their local rankings and increase their revenue. Especially for main services like privacy screens.

The Solution

A customized strategy based on high-quality content and UX design that is client-centered and that ensures data-driven decisions.


Our clients understand that SEO takes time, and they trust us to work tirelessly to achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. At RevX Digital, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by prioritizing quality over quantity in our strategies. This approach is why the majority of our clients begin seeing significant results between the third and sixth months. Laser Art Customs began their journey with us from scratch, and in just six months, we have delivered the following results.







Organic Performance in Search Results

Assisting a business in scaling through SEO cannot be accomplished in just a couple of days, especially in a competitive market. SEO necessitates time, attention, and extensive testing. We are committed to transparency and produce customized monthly reports to keep our clients informed about the performance of their SEO campaign. Additionally, we adapt our marketing strategies as necessary in response to Google Updates. With this particular client, we have successfully indexed all of their pages and significantly increased views and clicks from organic searches, resulting in increased traffic benefits.

Organic Traffic Performance on Website

At the core of our SEO Strategy is a focus on quality over quantity. Our aim is to attract a reasonable number of visitors to our clients’ websites, ensuring that they are qualified visitors who can contribute to their business growth.

Many agencies prioritize increasing traffic without considering whether the visitors meet the specific audience features needed by our clients to generate leads and close deals.

We take a different approach, developing thoughtful, client-centered strategies that significantly boost organic traffic. By ensuring that most of the traffic comes from Google, we have increased the number of leads generated, resulting in greater business success.

Local Ranking Results

Our digital marketing agency is focused on connecting our clients with their ideal audience through ground-breaking digital marketing strategies including local SEO efforts. These are the local rankings for some keywords that are relevant to our client.

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