Building a Strong Online Presence for a New ABA Therapy Brand



In 2022, Step Forward ABA, a new ABA therapy brand, sought a trusted partner to establish their digital presence from scratch. They had ambitious goals, including organic growth and client acquisition.

Step Forward ABA partnered with RevX Digital to create a comprehensive digital strategy, from website design to SEO and paid media.

Innovative & UX Website Design

They started by getting a beautifully designed and scalable website built on the WordPress platform, with attention to aligning the brand’s look and feel while providing seamless and intuitive user experiences across both, mobile and desktop devices.

We also focused on creating a strong SEO foundation through extensive keyword research, ensuring client-centric messaging throughout the content.

These efforts culminated in a visually striking website that provides an inspiring and memorable user experience, perfectly tailored to each stage of the client’s journey.

Long-Term Strategy Partner

As Step Forward ABA continues to grow and expand to new locations, RevX Digital remains a strategic partner, supporting their growth through targeted SEO, PPC, and Facebook Ads strategies to help them acquire new clients and build a strong online presence.

Impactful ABA Therapy Paid Media Strategy

Our paid media strategy prioritizes both generating high-quality leads and reducing cost-per-acquisition (CPA). We aim to help them reach their target audience efficiently while maximizing ROI.

Attracting More Leads Through Facebook Advertising

With a brand new account, Our Facebook experts developed two distinct ad campaigns, each with specific objectives: traffic and lead generation. 

The traffic campaign aimed to boost brand awareness and direct potential clients to the website, enabling us to create custom audiences for remarketing and future lookalike audiences.

The lead generation campaign targeted cold audiences interested in ABA therapy services, using detailed targeting options such as parenting, child development, and special education.

After thorough competitor research and analysis of client insights, we developed high-quality creatives and compelling ad copy tailored to our target audience—parents—using phrases like ‘your child.’ This personalized approach resonates deeply with parents, amplifying the impact of our messaging.

Facebook Ads window

Our Facebook Ads Results

Digital marketing takes time, and the timeframe for tangible results varies depending on factors such as services, competition, time in the market, and current search rankings. With a strong and consistent strategy, we’ve increased the number of leads by 141.7% and decreased the cost per conversion by 26.9%.

Boosting Online Visibility Through PPC Advertising

For a successful PPC strategy, account structure, keyword selection, and messaging are key elements that differentiate you from other advertisers. We organized our ad groups by keywords, considering factors such as average search volume, competition, and bid ranges. We incorporated core keywords along with “near me” and location variations to adopt a more transactional approach.

We created a responsive search ad for each keyword to maximize ad relevance and quality score. As the brand expanded to new locations, we developed dedicated landing pages for each one to fully optimize the site for PPC ad traffic.

Window with Google Ads search engine results page

Our PPC Results

Through consistent optimization of our PPC campaigns including adding negative keywords to avoid irrelevant traffic and improve lead quality, creating new ads for A/B testing, conducting regular keyword research, and adjusting bidding strategies for better performance we’ve increased lead generation by 157.14%, and decreased cost per conversion by 34.32%.

SEO: Building a Strong Organic Presence and Improving Users’ Experience

Since the beginning of our partnership, we have worked hand in hand with Step Forward ABA, implementing effective SEO strategies and efforts, to help them build a strong organic presence for their business, improve their overall visibility, and make it easier for users looking for their services to find and contact them.

After a thorough competitor analysis, we found out that the competition was focusing more on quantity over quality when it came to ranking keywords and content.

Our approach at RevX is to always provide quality digital marketing services, including SEO, which is why we decided to opt for creating new content using only keywords that were relevant to users, keywords that people interested in ABA services were using, implementing feedback directly from Step Forward ABA’s experts when it came to possible topics of interest and content creation, and focusing our optimization on improving the experience of users when visiting the site.

Marketing dashboard displaying business growth in Toronto, ON

Our SEO Results

Thanks to our efforts, Step Forward ABA’s organic presence started to experience a steady increase in both visibility and traffic performances, as well as averaging around 30 conversions almost every month:

Fuel Your Client Growth With RevX Digital

ABA Therapy marketing truly changes lives, and we’re passionate about it. At RevX Digital, we’ve guided numerous ABA Therapy providers in connecting families with the care their child deserves.

Are you ready to grow your client base with impactful ABA therapy marketing? Great partnerships begin with understanding your goals. We’ll work with you to find the right digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business and budget to amplify your brand awareness and client pipeline.

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